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In this edition we dedicate the first pages to local AT-CEE (Austria and Central Eastern Europe) content. There you can find an interesting customer interview along with information on how to optimize the use of timing belts for your application by choosing the most suitable cover material. Furthermore, we look forward to receiving many answers to the quiz, for which you can win nice prizes.On the international pages we focus on the food industry and what specific requirements conveyor and processing belts have to meet in this sector. In addition you will find out more about our literally “broadened” product portfolio.

Also in this issue we have prepared an example of an "outside the box belt use" which means an application where our belts are used for an unusual purpose. – Would you have expected that Habasit belts can have a positive effect on a cow’s milk production? Find out more about this application highlight on page 11.

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Edition 2/2016

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