How to choose a partner for life

Collaboration is key

“If I choose a partner, I like it to be for life,” says Božidar Pavlek. As the founder and owner of Demateh, a leading company for industrial logistics in Croatia, he has had many years of experience in establishing reliable and long-term customers, as well as collaborators. Although Mr. Pavlek has worked in the industry for over forty-five years, it was in 1996 that his dream of owning his own company became a reality.

Demateh specializes in the design, production, maintenance and sales of transport equipment with a strong focus in the food industry. Mr. Pavlek is aware that each customer’s needs are as diverse and unique as the products they sell. From small to major clients, such as Dukat, Agrokor Group and Cromaris, Demateh has quickly risen to be one of the most significant players in the field of materials handling.

The success of transparency

From the beginning, Mr. Pavlek has understood that a key factor to the success of the company would be finding partners with similar values of quality, excellence and unswerving integrity. In 2009, Demateh and Habasit joined forces in building a spiral system designed for bakery cooling lines. The flourishing collaboration led to many more, so that nearly a decade later, the two companies continue to work closely to find custom solutions for a wide variety of clients.

“It is important for me that our company, as well as our closest collaborators, work together to be clear, open and transparent with our customers. That is why we are proud to be long-time partners with Habasit. They provide new solutions that had not been possible with our earlier supplier,” explains Mr. Pavlek. “We were able to move into the field of robotics, utilizing all of the available products in the field, such as HabasitLINK® modular belts, HabiPLAST, HabaCHAIN, HabaSYNC® timing belts and the full range of fabric belts.”

Never leave a case unclosed

Demateh’s progress is propelled by an internal cutting-edge engineer team who is always advancing in the development of the latest applications and technology. Providing project documentation, as well as the manufacturing and testing of their machines, the company offers comprehensive service at every step whether installing a single conveyor or creating a complex automatic system.

With business branching out to Slovenia, Serbia and Bosnia, Demateh now has more than fifteen employees as well as three associated manufacture partners, but even as the company’s success has grown, Mr. Pavlek’s priorities remain the same.

“What is most important is good contact with customers,” he says. “To listen and anticipate their needs. You can’t just wait for the customer to call. You must be aware of what they want before they even pick up the phone.”

Mr. Pavlek’s philosophy of customer care is never far from his philosophy of life.

“I never leave a case unclosed. If there is a mistake, I am honest and quick to admit it so that I can find a resolution that leaves the customer completely satisfied. It’s about being fair, more than fair. This is life, and these are values that are important for everyone.”

Steadiness and stability

Mr. Pavlek is well-aware of the challenges that come with running a company in Croatia, a country whose political atmosphere has often been in flux.

“The economical environment is always changing,” he says, “so it can be hard to plan ahead.”

Rather than wavering with the instability, Demateh has found ways to secure their standing so that the quality and reliability of their service always remain the same. In 2005, they constructed a new building in Bestovje and were able to finance it completely without a mortgage. Having received an AA Credit Rating, the award reflects well the company’s commitment to economic discipline at all times. Mr. Pavlek chooses partners who can offer the same assurance.

As a result of Demateh’s steadfast dependability, they have many return customers. As the company advances, so do the relationships they have built.

“There are customers who have already been with us for more than twenty years,” Mr. Pavlek explains.

With such a strong foundation to build on, Demateh is optimistic for what will come. Mr. Pavlek has established collaborators the company can rely on which means more possibilities for customers.

“We now have the strength to facilitate and finance larger projects and we know that we have the full support of our suppliers.”

Mr. Pavlek’s dedication to find lasting partners is just one more example of the way the company has anchored itself for the long-haul. In relationships, some things never change, and for Demateh, it’s the stability of success. (ST)

How to choose a partner for life

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